Terry Gibson (aka @bookmark_terry)

I’m an activist, author, editor, survivor, traveller and lover of life. I love learning and will never stop: I think they call that being a ‘professional student.’ I cherish my friends and all the people who have been such help to me in my efforts to survive and thrive.
I’m headed to the top — even if that only means one day I’ll be taller than my bathtub. Darn. That won’t happen. Will it? As I get older, I’m told, I’ll be even shorter. Small but mighty and super-feisty.

my story | our story

The idea is simple. My story is yours. Yours is mine. They all are ours. No. I’m not pushing for a law suit.  What I mean is that no matter what our race, religion, economic status, sex, etc.. we all share the commonality of being human.  That is the only requirement to share the stories which make up the fabric of our lives. Sharing and interweaving them right into Grandma’s braided cinnamon buns filling the kitchen with alluring aromas, is what I love. Poetry. Fiction. Letters. Or cryptic little blurbs called tweets.

There is no right or wrong here. No judgment. Or–unless you want me to–chasing after you insisting, “We really MUST talk about your work.” Just recounting life. Embracing it. Feeling it. Sometimes cursing it.

Writing for what ails you. Maddens or bores you. Excites you. Makes you cry. Piques your interest. Reveals you. Makes you laugh until you almost pee yourself. Leaves you spent.

Send me an email at: editor@mystoryourstory.org or you can follow me on Twitter @bookmark_terry  or like my facebook page.