Checking In From Another Track …

Further up the track
Further up the track (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Scotland Co-Retreaters,

It is so nice to hear how people are doing since Laura’s Writer’s Retreat of Your Dreams! I wasn’t going to write as I was thinking, ‘Everybody knows about my messes already.’   Let’s just scratch that but, given this is a two-minute writing assignment I just gave myself, I can’t.

So damned sexy!

Adjusting has been like hitting a stone wall for me–without the buffer of  two drams of whisky and a beer chaser. I’ve fallen and flailed, boob over shoelace, toe over head, yelling ‘WTF’. Unfortunately, as I repeatedly yell Help, my request appears in a thought bubble about four inches above my head; there is no attached sound byte. I keep cranking my neck back to look above me, to know when that changes. Now I have whiplash, sunstroke, and an acute sense of lauded invisibility.

Oh yeah! Visibility too. I can’t get rid of those damned yellow floaties hanging over me. Yesterday, on the bus, a petulant child read aloud my every single synapse-fire and then proceeded to edit my grammar and wordiness. One sunburned construction worker, two middle-aged nuns, and a little old woman–a dead-ringer for TV Ellen’s mother–were highly amused. They snickered  and applauded the lad. I panicked and grabbed for anything neutral to think about.

A writing prompt! That’s it! I considered one, mentally mapping out the piece, then thirty seconds later knocked it and myself down. To which–as a good student on the art of  disclaiming all I write while  sharing it–I substituted the words we use in class.

“I’m so sexy!”

DAMN! HOW DO I STOP THIS?  I’m looking like a pervert here!  HELP!

Anywhoo. That’s me.

I love and miss you all! Plus, I loved spending those glorious, rich days with all of you.  Please be safe (not a condom ad), healthy, happy and astute.

Write on!

Sending Hugs,


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  1. Oh, that picture reminds me of my one sick day in Scotland, an amazing view from the top, only to lie on the back seats of the bus while everyone else was inhaling the most decadent cakes anywhere….but no whining here. I am looking forward to another (shorter) vacation on the beach and the first frost (so I can stop working in the garden and finally focus on my daily writing – which is what I promised myself on the plane home from Scotland). Be well, Terry. Just do it, damn it (writing, that is 🙂 ).

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